Sim Fashions - The Latest Interior, exterior, & clothing Sim Trends

The Latest Interior, exterior, & clothing Sim Trends

Sim Fashions
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This community was made for your gaming pleasure. View the most fashionable Sim designs from interior to exterior, from clothing to the most beautiful sim faces.

You can share, post pictures, ask questions about your home & fashion. Registered users to this community may trade free objects/clothing from other sites (no donate or paid sites). Every week or two there will be interior design/ fashion competitions in which you will post up pictures of your home/clothes and compete with other members for different objects. Your fashion trends will be judged by all members/selected members/moderator

Notice: I have the right to remove any member without notifications. Please be respectful to everyone including the moderator. One nasty comment will get you removed from this community. Please use LJ-cut on ur picture posts. Notice that this is not a technical support community. Please refer all your tech questions to thesims

I hope everyone enjoys this site!

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